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99 overall Galaxy-Opal Eric Paschall99 overall Galaxy-Opal Jayson Tatum99 overall Galaxy-Opal P.J. Washington99 overall Galaxy-Opal Lonzo Ball99 overall Galaxy-Opal Bol Bol99 overall Galaxy-Opal Meyers Leonard99 overall Galaxy-Opal Tacko Fall99 overall Galaxy-Opal Jamal Murray99 overall Galaxy-Opal Kenny Smith98 overall Pink-Diamond Dylan Windler97 overall Pink-Diamond Jayson Tatum96 overall Pink-Diamond Isaiah Roby96 overall Pink-Diamond Jayson Tatum96 overall Pink-Diamond Gheorghe Muresan95 overall Diamond Justin Wright-Foreman95 overall Diamond Jayson Tatum95 overall Diamond Lonzo Ball94 overall Diamond Jamal Murray92 overall Amethyst Eric Paschall92 overall Amethyst Isaiah Roby92 overall Amethyst Bol Bol92 overall Amethyst P.J. Washington92 overall Amethyst Dylan Windler92 overall Amethyst Justin Wright-Foreman92 overall Amethyst Jayson Tatum92 overall Amethyst Meyers Leonard92 overall Amethyst Lonzo Ball92 overall Amethyst Gheorghe Muresan92 overall Amethyst Tacko Fall89 overall Ruby Jamal Murray88 overall Ruby Kenny Smith83 overall Emerald P.J. Washington80 overall Emerald Eric Paschall
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