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Premium cards are usually cards that are part of a promotional set. Either through packs that are available for a limited time or locker codes. New Premium collections will be released throughout the year.

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2K20 Promo14
Buzzer Beater49
Campus Legends12
Fan Favorites7
Fan Favorites 27
Fan Favorites 310
Flash 25
Flash 36
Flash 45
Flash 55
Flash 65
Flash 75
Flash 87
Flash 96
Free Agents 115
Free Agents 24
Leap Year13
Legacy: Series I26
Legacy: Series II15
Legacy: Showcase5
Legacy: Showcase Series II5
Lights Out13
Moments of the Week 110
Moments of the Week 1010
Moments of the Week 118
Moments of the Week 210
Moments of the Week 310
Moments of the Week 410
Moments of the Week 510
Moments of the Week 610
Moments of the Week 79
Moments of the Week 810
Moments of the Week 99
NBA is Back13
New Year's Resolutions12
Out of Position5
Out of Position 27
PRIME V.I.P. Series II25
PRIME V.I.P. Series III28
PRIME: Series I5
PRIME: Series II5
PRIME: Series III5
Promo Asia5
Promo Europe5
Spotlight Series I: Clyde Drexler12
Spotlight Series I: Dirk Nowitzki13
Spotlight Series I: Dwyane Wade12
Spotlight Series I: Isiah Thomas13
Spotlight Series I: Kevin Garnett12
Spotlight Series II: Andre Iguodala12
Spotlight Series II: Dwight Howard13
Spotlight Series II: Jason Kidd12
Spotlight Series II: Jeremy Lin12
Spotlight Series II: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar13
Spotlight Sim66
Starter Pack5
Throwback Moments45
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