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96 overall Pink-Diamond Yao Ming95 overall Diamond DeMarcus Cousins95 overall Diamond Kevin Love95 overall Diamond Dikembe Mutombo94 overall Diamond Julius Erving94 overall Diamond Paul George94 overall Diamond Carmelo Anthony94 overall Diamond Kobe Bryant94 overall Diamond John Wall94 overall Diamond Luka Doncic92 overall Amethyst Billy Cunningham92 overall Amethyst Penny Hardaway92 overall Amethyst Grant Hill92 overall Amethyst David Robinson92 overall Amethyst Christian Laettner92 overall Amethyst Joakim Noah92 overall Amethyst Bruce Bowen92 overall Amethyst Nick Van Exel91 overall Amethyst Darrell Griffith91 overall Amethyst Carlos Boozer89 overall Ruby Charles Oakley89 overall Ruby Tiago Splitter89 overall Ruby Jeff Hornacek89 overall Ruby B.J. Armstrong88 overall Ruby Terrence Ross
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