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Reward cards include cards that are acquired from the token rewards, set completion rewards, challenge rewards, domination rewards, and more.

Available from:

  • Set completion rewards
  • Token rewards
  • Challenge rewards
  • Domination rewards
  • Other rewards


Amethyst Rewards 115
Amethyst Rewards 212
Career Highlights18
Collector Level Rewards13
Daily Log-in Rewards1
Diamond Rewards 115
Diamond Rewards 227
Domination Completion Rewards8
Domination Rewards East15
Domination Rewards West15
Emerald Rewards 115
Emerald Rewards 216
Finals Spotlight Sim Rewards10
Galaxy Opal Rewards49
Historic Spotlight Sim East15
Historic Spotlight Sim NBA2
Historic Spotlight Sim West15
PRIME Rewards1
Pink Diamond Rewards 115
Pink Diamond Rewards 222
Player's Club33
Ruby Rewards 115
Ruby Rewards 27
Sapphire Rewards 115
Sapphire Rewards 25
Spotlight Elite Rewards5
Spotlight Elite Rewards II5
Spotlight Rewards: Series I15
Spotlight Rewards: Series II15
Spotlight Sim East15
Spotlight Sim NBA2
Spotlight Sim West15
Triple Threat Rewards12
Unlimited Players of the Month5
Unlimited Players of the Month 23
Unlimited Rewards I4
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