NBA 2K21 Locker Codes List

November 2020

Find all of the NBA 2K21 Locker Codes here. This page is update daily so you never miss a code. Enter these codes in game to get free rewards such as players, packs and tokens.

Locker Codes for NBA 2K21 in our old table list format.

*Expiration time is an estimate based on the time the Locker Code was posted by 2K.

*Locker Codes typically expire after 1 week.

ReleaseLocker CodeRewardExpiration
11/30/20MT-FESTIVAL-2K21-COVERS-PACKSClutch Deluxe, Flash 3, or Loyalty Pack11/30/20
11/29/20MT-FESTIVAL-DIAMOND-KICKSDiamond Shoe11/30/20
11/29/20MYTEAM-FESTIVAL-FINAL-DAYMT Festival Pack, Diamond Shoe, or tokens11/30/20
11/29/20MT-FESTIVAL-DELUXE-PACKSDeluxe Clutch, Deluxe Finals, Deluxe Possessed or Deluxe Draft Packs11/29/20
11/29/20MT-FESTIVAL-ONE-WILL-RISEOne Will Rise Pack11/29/20
11/28/20MT-FESTIVAL-TOKEN-MARKET3, 5 or 20 Tokens12/1/20
11/28/20MYTEAM-FESTIVAL-DAY-2MT Festival, Deluxe Clutch, Deluxe Finals, Deluxe Possessed, or Deluxe Draft Pack11/30/20
11/28/20MT-FESTIVAL-PACKFestival Pack11/30/20
11/28/20MT-FESTIVAL-FLASHFlash 1, 2 or 3 Pack11/28/20
11/27/20SEASON-3-DEVIN-BOOKER-PACKDevin Booker Pack or Festival Pack11/30/20
11/27/20MT-FESTIVAL-NEXT-IS-NOWNext is Now Pack11/30/20
11/27/20MYTEAM-FESTIVAL-BEGINSMT Festival Pack or Diamond Contract Pack12/1/20
11/26/20MYTEAM-THANKFUL-DIAMONDSDiamond Ja Morant, a Diamond Contract, a Diamond Consumables Pack, or a Diamond Shoe12/3/20
11/25/20MYTEAM-SEASON-OF-GIVINGSeason 1 Super Pack, Season 2 Super Pack, or tokens12/2/20
11/25/20IDOLS-KD-AND-PD-MJIDOLS KD, Grant Hill, Dominique Wilkins or Manu Ginobili Pack12/2/20
11/25/20BRYANT-TO-SHAQEmerald Shaquille O'Neal1/8/21
11/25/20DRAFT-SLEEPERS-CARLOSSTORY-93HDraft Pack or Sleepers Pack11/26/20
11/23/20MYTEAM-SEASON-2-SUPER-PACKTip-Off East, Tip-Off West, NBA Draft, Possessed, IDOLS: Grant Hill Pack, or Flash 3 Pack11/30/20
11/22/20DRAFT-SLEEPERS-HTB-TWBSZDraft Pack or Sleepers Pack11/23/20
11/22/20DRAFT-SLEEPERS-JDCROSSOVER-4WKDraft Pack or Sleepers Pack11/23/20
11/21/20DRAFT-SLEEPERS-KILLZAMOI-BVX82Draft Pack or Sleepers Pack11/22/20
11/21/20UNLIMITED-GAMEDAY-2Draft Pack11/21/20
11/21/20DRAFT-SLEEPERS-POORBOYSIN-2VZDraft Pack or Sleepers Pack11/22/20
11/20/20NEXT-IS-NOW-SLEEPERS-PACKSSleepers, Loyalty, Team-Ups, International or Dunkers Pack11/27/20
11/20/20FLASH-PACKS-CARLOSSTORY-YEK1EFlash Pack 1, 2, 3 or 1 Token11/21/20
11/19/20WITH-THE-NEXT-PICKRookie Evo Card11/26/20
11/19/20AD-LUKA-DRAFT-PACKSDraft Pack, Clutch Pack, Finals Pack or Possessed Pack11/26/20
11/19/20WHO-IS-YOUR-PICKDraft Rookie Award Pack and 3 Tokens11/19/20
11/19/202020-ROOKIES-EVO-IN-MYTEAMEvolution 2020 NBA Rookie11/26/20
11/18/20FLASH-PACKS-KILLZAMOI-GCIWBFlash Pack 1, 2, 3 or 1 Token11/21/20
11/17/20FLASH-PACKS-POORBOYSIN-74D52Flash Pack 1, 2, 3 or 1 Token11/21/20
11/17/20FLASH-PACKS-JDCROSSOVER-923JDFlash Pack 1, 2 or 311/21/20
11/17/20BIG-THINGS-COMING-SOON-11-18Clutch Pack, Possessed Pack or Finals Pack11/18/20
11/16/20GLITCHED-KILLZAMOI-MLC2TFlash 3 Pack, Contract Pack, or 1 Token11/17/20
11/16/20GLITCHED-CARLOSSTORY-BD732Flash 3 Pack, Contract Pack, or 1 Token11/17/20
11/15/20GLITCHED-JDCROSSOVER-JND83Flash 3 Pack, Contract Pack, or 1 Token11/16/20
11/14/20GLITCHED-POORBOYSIN-JKD45Idols Pack, 500 MTP, or 1 Token11/15/20
11/13/20GLITCHED-ZION-IN-MYTEAMFlash 1, Flash 2 or Flash 3 Pack11/20/20
11/12/20MYTEAM-NEXT-GEN-IS-NOWAmathyst Pack, Clutch Pack, Finals Pack, Possessed Pack, Tokens or MTP11/26/20
11/10/20NEXT-IS-NOW-LOYALTYLoyalty Pack, Gold Consumables Pack, or token11/17/20
11/9/20IDOLS-CarlosStory-625TVIdols Pack, 500 MTP or 1 Token11/10/20
11/8/20IDOLS-JayCanada-7RN4XIdols Pack, 500 MTP or 1 Token11/9/20
11/8/20IDOLS-KILLZAMOI-TGF45Idols Pack, 500 MTP or 1 Token11/9/20
11/8/20IDOLS-JDCROSSOVER-6MKHCIdols Pack, 500 MTP or 1 Token11/9/20
11/7/20IDOLS-HTB-ERN95Idols Pack, 500 MTP or 1 Token11/8/20
11/7/20IDOLS-POORBOYSIN-ENCVXIdols Pack, 500 MTP or 1 Token11/8/20
11/7/20MYTEAM-IDOLS-GRANT-HILLIdols Grant Hill Pack, Idols Domonique Wilkins Pack or Idols Manu Ginobili Pack11/14/20
11/7/20DEFEAT-BIG-3-TEAM-UPSTeam-Ups Pack, Gold Consumable Pack or Tokens11/13/20
11/3/20TEAM-UPS-PACK-IN-MYTEAMTeam-Ups Pack, International Pack, or Dunkers Pack11/10/20
11/1/20POSSESSED-JDCROSSOVER-TSAH2Possessed Pack, Finals Pack or Clutch Pack11/2/20
11/1/20POSSESSED-CarlosStory-9K2JRPossessed Pack, Finals Pack or Clutch Pack11/2/20
10/31/20POSSESSED-KOBE0802-NSCW8Possessed Pack, Finals Pack or Clutch Pack11/1/20
10/31/20POSSESSED-HTB-MXBASPossessed Pack, Finals Pack or Clutch Pack11/1/20
10/31/20HAPPY-POSSESSED-HALLOWEENPossessed Pack, 1313 MTP, or tokens11/7/20
10/31/20POSSESSED-KILLZAMOI-48DF2Possessed Pack, Finals Pack or Clutch Pack11/1/20
10/30/20T-MAC-IN-MYTEAM-POSSESSEDPossessed Pack, NBA Finals Pack, or Clutch Pack11/6/20
10/27/20INTERNATIONAL-PACK-OUT-NOWInternational Pack, Gold Consumables Pack, or token11/3/20
10/26/20COMMUNITY-HUB-LIMITED-MN66TFlash 2 Pack, Flash 1 Pack, or Tokens10/27/20
10/25/20FLASH-2-JAYCANADA-HW92TFlash 2 Pack, Flash 1 Pack, or 1 Token10/26/20
10/25/20FLASH-2-HTB-KAS82Flash 2 Pack, Flash 1 Pack or Token10/25/20
10/24/20FLASH-2-KILLZAMOI-P27DJFlash 2 Pack, Flash 1 Pack or Token10/25/20
10/24/20FLASH-2-KOBE0802-672K4Flash 2 Pack, Flash 1 Pack or Token10/25/20
10/23/20FLASH-RETURNS-IN-MYTEAMFlash 2 Pack, Flash 1 Pack or Tokens10/30/20
10/20/20MYTEAM-DUNKERS-HAVE-LANDEDDunkers Pack, Gold Contracts Pack, or Gold Consumables Pack10/27/20
10/18/20NEXT-IS-NOW-JAY-CANADA-YD39YNext is Now Tip Off East pack, Next Is Now Tip-Off West pack, One Will Rise Tip-Off West pack, One Will Rise Tip-Off East pack or 1 Token10/19/20
10/17/20NEXT-IS-NOW-HTB-JF923Next is Now Tip Off East pack, Next Is Now Tip-Off West pack, One Will Rise Tip-Off West pack, One Will Rise Tip-Off East pack or 1 Token10/18/20
10/16/20VINCE-CARTER-GAME-WINNEREmerald Vince Carter11/27/20
10/16/20WELCOME-TO-NEXT-IS-NOWNext is Now Tip Off East pack, Next Is Now Tip-Off West pack, or 3 Tokens10/23/20
10/13/20ONE-WILL-RISE-SUPER-PACKTip-Off East, Tip-Off West, Idols Manu, Idols Dominique, Flash 1, or Clutch Pack10/20/20
10/12/20CONGRATS-CHAMPION-LAKERSOne '19-'20 Lakers player10/19/20
10/10/20250K-GAMEDAY-1Finals, Clutch, Flash 1, or Idols Manu or Idols Dominique pack10/12/20
10/9/20MYTEAM-FINALS-PACKSNBA Finals Pack, Playoff Records, Stoppers, Underdogs, Dimers or Back-to-Back Pack10/16/20
10/6/20SET-A-RECORD-SPOTLIGHTSPlayoff Records Pack, Playoff Stoppers Pack, Playoff Underdogs Pack, Playoff Dimers Pack, or a Back-to-Back Pack10/13/20
10/3/20GAME2-LBJ23-FINALSLebron James jersey in Mycareer, 6 MyPlayer Boosts, Free Agent Lebron James MyTeam Card and a Season Tip-Off: West pack10/3/20
10/2/20IDOLS-HIGHLIGHT-FILMIDOLS Series I: Dominique Wilkins, IDOLS Series I: Manu Ginobili Pack or 2 Tokens10/9/20
9/30/20LEBRON-OR-BUTLERSapphire Lebron James or Sapphire Jimmy Butler10/4/20
9/30/20NBA-FINALS-PLAYERLakers or Heat player10/7/20
9/29/20UNDERDOGS-IN-MyTEAMPlayoff Underdogs Pack, Gold Consumables Pack or Contract Pack10/6/20
9/25/20GLITCHED-JOHN-STOCKTONFlash 1 Pack, 1,000 MTP, or 2 Token10/2/20
9/22/20ASSISTS-WITH-PLAYOFF-DIMERSPlayoff Dimers Pack, Gold Consumables, or 2 Tokens9/29/20
9/20/20GAME3-ESPNFree Agent Jayson Tatum and Season Tip-Off: East Award Pack9/20/20
9/18/20MYTEAM-IDOLS-MANU-PACKIdols Manu Pack, Shoe Pack, Contract Pack, Gold Consumable Pack, 2 Tokens or 1,000 MTP9/25/20
9/15/20BACK-TO-BACK-PACKS-CHALLENGESBack-to-Back Pack, Gold Consumables Pack or Base League Pack9/22/20
9/11/20CLUTCH-PACK-IN-MYTEAMClutch Pack, Gold Consumables Pack, or 2 Tokens9/18/20
9/8/20SPOTLIGHT-PLAYOFF-STOPPERSPlayoff Stoppers pack, Consumables pack, Contract pack or 1 Token9/15/20
9/4/20WELCOME-TO-ONE-WILL-RISEEast or West Season Tip pack, 500 MTP or 1 Token9/11/20
9/4/20MYTEAM-COMMUNITY-HUB1 Token, Shoe Pack, Contract Pack, Basketball PackNever Expires
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