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95 overall Pink-Diamond Marques Johnson95 overall Pink-Diamond Bernard King95 overall Pink-Diamond Jermaine O'Neal95 overall Pink-Diamond Jo Jo White95 overall Pink-Diamond Nate Thurmond93 overall Diamond Mark Aguirre93 overall Diamond Billy Cunningham93 overall Diamond Willis Reed93 overall Diamond Al Horford93 overall Diamond Purvis Short93 overall Diamond Antonio McDyess93 overall Diamond Austin Carr93 overall Diamond Fat Lever93 overall Diamond Earl Monroe93 overall Diamond Gail Goodrich90 overall Amethyst Dave Debusschere90 overall Amethyst Vin Baker90 overall Amethyst Campy Russell90 overall Amethyst Joe Smith90 overall Amethyst Sam Perkins90 overall Amethyst Eddie Johnson90 overall Amethyst Kelly Tripucka90 overall Amethyst World B. Free90 overall Amethyst Sean Elliott90 overall Amethyst Doug Collins90 overall Amethyst Freddie Lewis90 overall Amethyst A.C. Green90 overall Amethyst Christian Laettner90 overall Amethyst Kenny Anderson90 overall Amethyst P.J. Brown88 overall Ruby Alvan Adams88 overall Ruby Reggie Williams88 overall Ruby Paul Pressey88 overall Ruby Kerry Kittles88 overall Ruby Keith Van Horn88 overall Ruby Dan Majerle88 overall Ruby Donyell Marshall88 overall Ruby Hot Rod Williams88 overall Ruby K.C. Jones88 overall Ruby Kevin Duckworth88 overall Ruby Herb Williams88 overall Ruby Mark Jackson88 overall Ruby Johnny Moore88 overall Ruby Jeff Hornacek88 overall Ruby Nene85 overall Sapphire Kendall Gill85 overall Sapphire Luke Walton85 overall Sapphire Bonzi Wells85 overall Sapphire DeShawn Stevenson85 overall Sapphire Bryon Russell85 overall Sapphire Derrick Favors85 overall Sapphire Vernon Maxwell85 overall Sapphire Ryan Hollins85 overall Sapphire Spud Webb85 overall Sapphire Tom Sanders85 overall Sapphire Avery Johnson85 overall Sapphire Enes Kanter85 overall Sapphire Scot Pollard85 overall Sapphire Ricky Rubio85 overall Sapphire Drew Gooden81 overall Emerald Stacey Augmon81 overall Emerald James Posey81 overall Emerald Isaac Austin81 overall Emerald Klay Thompson81 overall Emerald Avery Bradley81 overall Emerald Eduardo Najera81 overall Emerald Antonio Daniels81 overall Emerald Jon Koncak81 overall Emerald Henry Bibby81 overall Emerald Bobby Jackson81 overall Emerald Etan Thomas81 overall Emerald Greg Anthony81 overall Emerald Carl Landry81 overall Emerald Adonal Foyle81 overall Emerald Meyers Leonard
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