TT Offline Rewards - NBA 2K21 MyTeam



97 overall Galaxy-Opal Peja Stojakovic97 overall Galaxy-Opal Don Ohl96 overall Pink-Diamond Terry Dischinger96 overall Pink-Diamond Doug West95 overall Pink-Diamond Byron Beck95 overall Pink-Diamond Wayne Embry95 overall Pink-Diamond Michael Finley94 overall Diamond Jeff Malone93 overall Diamond Victor Oladipo93 overall Diamond Chuck Person93 overall Diamond Buck Williams93 overall Diamond JaVale McGee93 overall Diamond Phil Chenier92 overall Diamond Stephon Marbury92 overall Diamond Brian Winters92 overall Diamond Dave Bing91 overall Amethyst Shareef Abdur-Rahim91 overall Amethyst Corey Maggette91 overall Amethyst Dick Barnett90 overall Amethyst Isaiah Rider89 overall Ruby Clark Kellogg89 overall Ruby Theo Ratliff88 overall Ruby Kenny Walker88 overall Ruby Roy Hibbert85 overall Sapphire Sam Mitchell85 overall Sapphire Jamario Moon85 overall Sapphire Derek Harper
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