Tips for creating a new player on NBA 2K18

See Build Attributes Quickly Without Going Through Cutscenes
You can create players offline without going through the cutscenes. This is useful if you want to test out weight and wingspan differences on a potential build. To do this make sure your PS4 or Xbox are not connected to the internet and then go to My Career and start a new player. It will warn you that you can't ever use the player online and then immediately go to the menu that allows you to choose your position, primary skill, secondary skill, height, weight and wingspan without going through any cut scenes. After this you can view the attributes for the build with any weight and wingspan differences.

Very Quick Jump Shot
NBA 2K18 Jumpshot Creator If your player is 6’4 and under you are able to set the Release Speed to Very Quick on the Jump Shot Creator. The Jump Shot Creator will have 4 speed settings on the “Blending & Release Speed” tab. If you are 6’5 and above the Jump Shot Creator will only have 3 speed settings.

Attributes and multiples of 5
This is not a well tested fact but it’s something to keep in mind. In my experience attributes only change how your player performs when they reach a multiple of 5. There is no difference between 65 and 69 acceleration but once it hits 70 you can see a difference. I tested this with 65 to 70 speed and acceleration and it seemed to be true. If you are deciding between two heights and one of them puts some attributes into the next tier this might help you make that decision.

Do you want to dribble?
All players start with the ability to use Basic and Normal dribble moves. 75 Ball Control unlocks Pro Dribble moves.
86 Ball Control allows players to “Speed Boost” which basically means some moves have a faster first step.
90 Ball Control unlocks Elite Rhythm Dribble moves.

Ideal Height For Guards
The ideal height for most guard builds is between 6’4 and 6’8. Below 6’4 you don’t gain enough speed for it to be worthwhile*. Go 6'4 if you want the very quick jumpshot. Shooting attributes don’t change much as you get taller except for Moving Shots. I usually go for the tallest build that still gets 75 ball control or can speed boost.

Last year the meta was longest wingspan on every build. This year it seems to be not quite as important and I would strongly consider not going longest wingspan for Sharpshooter builds.

For pure sharpshooters you can get 99 contested shot, 99 open shot, 99 moving shot(at most heights) if you stay with the default wingspan(0).

If you are making a Playmaking Sharpshooter or a Shot Creating Sharpshooter going for the longest wingspan (+5) will drop your Open Shot 3 to 89 for most heights. If you instead go +4 wingspan you will have 92 Contested Shot 3, 90 Open Shot 3.